Travel to Spain, Central and Latin America


¡Vamos pa’ Latinoamérica!

Planning on hiking your way up Machu Picchu in the historical town of Cuzco, Peru? Or perhaps you’d rather experience a glorious rainbow over the Iguazú Falls in Argentina whilst feasting on a sizzling steak and “papas fritas” and savouring a delicious glass of local Malbec? Whatever your plans may be for your trip to Latin America, they will most

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Cardiff Spanish Academy students visit Spain

Recently, several of our students have visited Spain for short trips and holidays, to practise their Spanish and take in the varied culture that Spain has to offer. The difference being, that this time our students were lucky enough to meet the parents of our tutors Elena and María! It’s great to see our students not only getting on well with

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Crashing at the Locals’

Have you ever thought about getting yourself involved in a Spanish exchange or homestay? Well if you haven’t, maybe it’s time! At London Spanish Academy we have quite a few enquiries from students who are thinking about this as a credible alternative to staying in a hotel or renting accommodation. Let’s admit it – it’s one of those things that

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Tutor Trip to Central America

This month I’m writing to you from Central America! I’m here on a 6 week sabbatical, taking in the sights and wonders of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Cuba. The trip so far has been like nothing I’ve experienced before: imposing Mayan ruins, dense jungles steeped in wildlife, cascading waterfalls, river canyons, regional delicacies, artisan wares sold in bustling hilltop markets,

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