What topics will GCSE Spanish students study?

Students studying GCSE Spanish will focus on the syllabus topics relevant to each exam board including: about you, the family, at school, on holiday, your home, where you live, your environment, healthy living, leisure time, work experience, future careers and social issues.

Students will be taught all core modules of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Emphasis will be placed on revising grammar constructions, verb tenses and vocabulary, as well as employing a range of opinions in order for the student to demonstrate to the examiner that he or she has a firm grasp of Spanish.

Emphasis will be placed on revising grammar constructions, verb tenses and vocabulary.

How will GCSE Spanish students be prepared for exams?

We also assist students with their exam and controlled assessments, whether for Linear or Modular exams; most will have written and speaking assessment throughout the year. Mock exams are also scheduled.